At Delia’s, we think ice cream should be pure and taste as fresh as possible with no colouring or E numbers. That is why we choose to use only the simplest ingredients - milk. sugar, eggs and double cream. we create the classic flavours as well as unique ones you might never have thought possible. The luxurious taste of a freshly made artisan ice cream is hard to beat! We also add locally sourced acacia gum to stop it melting on your way home too quickly! Five ingredients are all you need when you start with quality ingredients.

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Proudly Kenyan

We really wanted to source our ingredients locally. We went on a chocolate hunt to be able to find raw chocolate with no additives made in Africa. Most chocolate is grown in Africa but is shipped to Europe to be turned into chocolate bars. Our vanilla we sourced from nearby Uganda, and all our fruit comes from real fruit trees in Kenya. Our milk comes from the Kinengop range and cream from Jersey cows across the valley from us.

We wanted to create a traditional ice cream too not a gelato. Most ice cream made in Kenya is in the gelato style loaded with sugar and less satisfying to eat than ice cream.

All our ice cream is crafted in small batches to ensure great flavor and texture in every bite. We create new flavors seasonally, so there will always be something to tempt your taste buds.

Delia’s ice cream is a creation of Delia Stirling, the daughter of the founders of Brown’s Cheese. She has a passion for all things local and flavourful. Her signature is on each pack to signify that each batch is hand created so it tastes delicious.

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